During this dreadful time of the coronavirus pandemic we look for ways to kill time, the days seem to keep going on like a drill we all follow and do the safety routine! I wanted to change that for a day or two for my classmates and me, so I came up with an idea of a Virtual Musical Rendezvous activity keeping in mind that we all enjoy listening to music. It would be a session that we all could be a part of whether we know to play any musical instruments or not.

Since we are all still new to each other this was also a way that we could all get to know each other better. I always disliked being a new kid, there are many reasons for this but one of the main ones was not having new friends or not being involved for a few days until someone actually comes up to start a conversation with me. This was probably one of the reasons I would never open up in school for a year or two.

I believed our new classmates shouldn’t feel this way, so I thought this kind of activity would help us all be able to come together through something that I know we all enjoy!

And the good part about this activity is it challenged my abilities, as I have been an introvert, and now I am initiating and leading an activity!!

For planning, we collaborated with our classmates for a couple of days and finally came out with a structured activity plan.

We started out by talking about what instruments and music interests we had. Surprisingly, most of us had similar interests in music which excited all of us. Different students showcased their musical talents of playing the guitar, keyboard and vocal performance. Everyone is incredibly talented! The performances went on for an hour. When we were done performing, we had a discussion on the topic of various artists of music albums that we were fond of. We had time from 1:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., so we were able to complete our planned activity within the span.

We achieved the goal with which we had planned the activity i.e. creating a strong class bond of friendship! I am very grateful that my teachers and coordinators approved our activity and gave us the opportunity!! This activity helped all the classmates know each other better and create friendships that will last forever! This task enabled us to come out of our inhibitions, I am very sure, that there will be no more awkward silences during our classes and discussions. We will be able to share our ideas, our opinions and support each other!! And my personal goal is achieved as well. I am now a more confident person, I am looking forward to taking on new challenges, initiating and leading activities!! I am also able to meet the DP CAS learning outcomes!!

I feel that if this session was not a virtual one and rather an activity in the school campus the outcome would be even better and much stronger. Given the situation we are facing with COVID-19 pandemic, I feel  Virtual Musical Rendezvous was perfectly executed by all of us!!


By: Kyra Cherian, DP Year 1 student