Primary Schooling At The Gaudium

Primary Schooling At The Gaudium

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The Gaudium School is an authorised IB World School, offering the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate (IB). This is an international curriculum framework designed for all children between the ages of 3 and 11 years (Grades 1-5). The program focuses on the total growth of the developing child, affecting hearts as well as minds and addressing social, physical, emotional and cultural needs in addition to academic growth. The PYP combines the best research and practice from a range of national systems with a wealth of knowledge and experience from international schools to create a relevant and engaging educational program.

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The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a transdisciplinary curriculum framework that goes beyond traditional subject areas so students can see the bigger picture surrounding topics of global significance.

It is intrinsically intertwined with The Gaudium Happy Minds’ Model, which rests on the five developmental pillars – holistic excellence, mindfulness and well-being, core values, stakeholder connect, and global leadership.

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at The Gaudium School believes in unlocking every child’s potential by giving each one time and opportunity to reflect and identify their goals and destination of happiness, through developing an understanding of as well as demonstrating the following:

  1. Approaches to learning – (thinking, social, communication, self-management, and research skills)
  2. Concepts (form, function, causation, connection and change, perspective and responsibility)
  3. Knowledge
  4. Demonstrate attributes of IB Learner Profile (Inquirers, Open Minded, Knowledgeable, Caring, Thinkers, Risk Takers, Communicators, Balanced, Principled, Reflective)

Special Features of PYP @ The Gaudium: