International Career and College Counselling Movement (IC3)


We are excited to share the news of our strategic collaboration with the International Career and College Counselling Movement (IC3). At The Gaudium School, we are dedicated to prioritizing the provision of comprehensive support and guidance to our students throughout their educational and career paths.

Our collaboration with the IC3 signifies our dedication to ensuring that our students receive the best possible resources and assistance in their career and college counseling endeavors. By partnering with the IC3, we gain access to valuable guidance and training resources that benefit our high school administrators, teachers, and counselors. This enables us to establish and maintain robust career and college counseling departments, which play a crucial role in shaping the future of our students.

The IC3 Institute, a volunteer-based organization, is renowned for its systems-based solution approach. Through their expertise, they train human resources in career and college counseling and provide access to a repository of remote training, mentoring, and professional development resources. Additionally, the IC3 Institute serves as a think tank and thought leader in the field of global higher education and career readiness, fostering expert collaborations and conducting timely research.

Our partnership with the IC3 not only validates our commitment to student success but also positions us as a school that strives for excellence in career exploration and development. By collaborating with the IC3, we aim to shape the landscape of international career and college counseling in high schools globally, setting the standards for best practices and supporting schools in helping students make well-informed career decisions.

Together, we are dedicated to connecting our students with the resources they need to make the best-fit career decisions. Through our robust career and college counseling department, we strive to instill a sense of innovation and empowerment in our students, guiding them toward a bright and prosperous future.