On the occasion of World Peace day, through a beautiful session surrounding Raja yoga, we were introduced to peace not only in the material world, but the world within as well. After a melodious song that celebrated the importance of peace, we were introduced to the Guest speaker, a Raja yoga practitioner.

As a spiritual meditation practitioner, I was very eager to see a different side to Raja yoga than my regular practice, wondering what this form of relaxation would bring. Following the relaxation, however, as I took a moment to observe myself, I realised that the relaxation had cleared those side, curious thoughts running through my head. At one point of the relaxation, I had become so absorbed, I was conscious of my state and surrounding, but was able to stay in that moment, without the interjection of another thought. That, to me, defined peace.

Along with relaxing our mind, we all were gradually becoming aware of our inner state. We learnt to intensify this feeling of peace, calming the waves of thoughts within. It was a refreshing experience; as though I had just woken from a rather dreary dream. I felt a oneness with my surroundings, as though the buzz created in my mind had gone down, and left a silence. A comforting silence, a silence that I really seemed to resonate with me although no words were being said.

I was enthralled by his definition of inner peace, with the example of a landscape and its reflection. He spoke of a landscape that was reflected in clear waters, like a mind that is clear of unwanted thoughts; he then showed us a photograph of another landscape. However, the murky water, like a mind filled with unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, that ran past the landscape did not reflect the landscape in its true form, as it was in reality. This example really brought out the importance of peace in oneself.

All-in-all, the session was very insightful and beautiful, one that I was able to connect to and participate whole heartedly.

By: Rachna Govindayapalli, DP 1 Student