International World Peace day, a very auspicious day indeed. As a believer of Buddhist philosophy and as a member of the Soka Gakkai (value creating society), this day is very prestigious and essential to me. I feel very blessed to be a part of such a world where people are actually striving for peace so that we can live by the true purpose of our lives, that is, to be happy and have no regrets.

With so many ugly and unfortunate events happening around the globe, like racism, terrorism, sexism and what not, finding and establishing peace in the world is the need of the hour. But peace doesn’t just mean peace in the outside world. It also means inner peace, because, to actually manifest it, we must acquire it within ourselves and practice it in our daily lives.

In our session, we practiced the art of meditation for just 2 minutes or so, which was surprisingly one of the most relaxing yet invigorating moments. When we relax, we are able to think clearly. Our mind starts getting rid of all the clouds that block our practical thinking and we are able to focus more. With focus, comes the realization of our true purpose in life, and like still water, everything becomes clear.

This session really awoke a newfound spirit in all of us, and definitely in me. I will continue to practice the art of inner peace, and hence spread peace in my near environment, taking little steps at a time towards the advancement of happiness and peace in the entire world.

By: Blossom Amit, DP 1 Student