Learning Path

Learning Path

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The learning path is for learners to progress through the curriculum and excel in a particular stream or program in their journey across the school. At The Gaudium the learning transition from transdisciplinary in primary to Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in middle and high school is facilitated by following Inquiry and constructivism as a whole school approach to learning and teaching.

Learning Transition: Transdisciplinary > Interdisciplinary > Multidisciplinary

  • Transdisciplinary Learning happens when subject boundaries are not distinguished but merged and knowledge is united to facilitate understanding of the world.
  • Interdisciplinary Learning is the transfer of knowledge, methods, concepts and models between two or more subjects
  • Multidisciplinary Learning begins and ends with the individual subject-based content and skills. The boundaries among the subjects remain.

At the Gaudium primary school students engage in transdisciplinary learning where through the units of inquiry different subjects are integrated to deepen the understanding of concepts, knowledge and perspectives. Students have the agency to look at making transdisciplinary connections through their real life experiences and prior-learning.

In the middle and high school the learning progresses from interdisciplinary with blur subject boundaries to multidisciplinary with well defined subjects.
Interdisciplinary is a curriculum-organizing approach where human commonalities rise to the top without regard for subject boundaries. Subjects become an instrument/tool/resource to explore a theme, problem or concept in depth. Multidisciplinary focuses on subject-based content and skills ensuring that the boundaries between subjects remain. It is studying the topic in not just one subject but several at the same time.

Learning approach – Inquiry and Constructivism


At The Gaudium students are actively involved and engaged in the Inquiry process to take ownership of their learning. Students deepen their understanding through exploring, questioning, experimenting, making connections, conducting research, collecting data, analysing, solving problems, reflecting and defending their views. In the primary school students participate in asking, thinking and doing and collaboratively construct experiences. They are provided time, resources, space and guidance to conduct inquiry and inturn become lifelong learners.  In the middle and high school students continue to participate in experiential, experimental and reflective process of inquiry. They construct ideas, interact with their teachers and peers through project based and problem based learning and make use of a range of resources related to their subject areas.


At The Gaudium students construct knowledge rather than just passively take in information. Primary school, Middle school and High school teachers encourage and guide students to make connections with prior knowledge in order to construct meaning in different subjects and see learning as a natural part of their life. While constructing learning students are provided opportunities to either justify or change their prior understanding about the world and self. Constructivism is deeply rooted in the ongoing relationship between teacher and student in the classroom.