Being a student of DP year 1, an interactive session with our school career counsellor was an extremely informative and helpful session. Even though I was already sure of the path that I would like to take after IBDP2, her discussion with us helped me a lot in terms of the steps to take to get there. Initially, she talked about what kind of expectations one usually has towards “career counselling”. The one thing that I took back from the session was to figure out what we would like to pursue in the future and also get clarity on why we would like to pursue that. It was very alleviating to find out that she would help us regarding the college applications, as I am not quite aware of the process. As I aim to do my higher studies in a university abroad, I duly noted down her suggestions on giving SAT and AP examinations. The career counsellor gave us all the information required regarding the perfect score and the particular months to apply.

One thing that struck me and made me introspect was when our career counsellor said that we had “only one more year to go”. I was perplexed since I didn’t really understand what she meant by this. But later, we found out that we had only one year to decide what we wanted to pursue and where we wanted to study in the future. This meant that by the next year, we must be prepared to be able to start the process of filling out college applications. We also discussed the way of career planning and how to go about it in a few steps, which was pretty helpful as well.

The session was definitely very valuable as it aided me to understand a few new things that I didn’t know about and gave clarity to the career paths ahead. I am extremely grateful for the teacher who is ready to support us all the way.

By: Blossom Kumar Amit, Student of DP Year 1