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Excited about the school? Contact us and we will tell you how we fill happiness in your child:


The Gaudium offers IB PYP curriculum from Nursery to Grade 5. It offers a choice between CI, IBMYP* & CBSE in Grades 6-10 and CBSE & IBDP from Grades 11-12.

Forbes India has named The Gaudium as one of the Great Place to Study. Be part of this stimulating learning environment where each child finds joy through the core values of Integrity, Perseverance, Compassion, Appreciation, Humility, Respect and Tolerance.

We are a CBSE, CI & IB World School in Hyderabad. We help each child identify and develop his/her individual tool for real happiness, which he/she will carry beyond the school. The expansive campus, caring mentors, rich extracurricular programs and 3 world-recognized curricula enables students to be independent and globally aware citizens,  The Gaudium School accepts applications from students from all parts of India and the world. We do not discriminate students based on scholastic or co-scholastic performance, simultaneously building a suitable environment for the child to develop holistically.


  • Nursery to Grade 5: IB PYP (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Grade 6 to 10: CI (UK) & CBSE (India), IB MYP* (Grades 6 – 8)
  • Grade 11-12: CBSE (India) & IBDP (Geneva, Switzerland)

The Gaudium introduces Boarding for Boys and Girls from Grade 4 to Grade 12. Let your child have the comfort of home and convenience of being in the same campus as the school. With world-class amenities that will beat any luxury accomodation, your child will have the best of both worlds. The dormitories are air conditioned and the dining places are maintained neat and hygenic. Choose from 5 Day Boarding and Term Boarding. To know more on boarding, click here.

Admission Process

To provide the most time effective and informative experience, The Gaudium has made the Admission Process simple yet systematic.  As education is a three-way partnership, we look forward to having an interaction with the parents and expect them to follow the steps outlined below to seek admission.