In the visual arts session, we had an activity where we explored an editing app called Krita. In this app, we used different tools and textures to make a painting and developed our skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s activity session.  It was a very informative yet fun session. In the session I developed my editing skills and learned about colour blending, adjusting the hue and saturation of images, using different textures and brushes to give different effects.

I also really liked how our teacher was very patient and explained every step in detail multiple times which helped me properly understand what I was doing and gave me a lot of clarity.

This session was very creative and I named my painting “Vibrant Bubbles” because I wanted to spread positivity through it. I wanted to demonstrate that the girl in the painting was surrounded by positivity and colour and was full of life.

The bubbles in the painting symbolize her thoughts which are positive and the whole painting conveys that if we are surrounded by positivity our thoughts will also be positive. I also created my 2nd artwork “Ghost in a shell”. It was the first time I ever completed an artwork using a digital platform. I enjoyed experimenting with the various brushes and colours. I always thought that drawing with a mouse would be a lot harder than drawing with a pencil, but now I have realized that it is not at all that hard. I also felt that it is way easier to use different kinds of media on this digital platform than in real life.

Overall, the session on art was a wholesome learning experience for me.

By: Navya Viriyala, Student DP year 1