Vision, Mission & Philosophy of

the Best International School In Hyderabad

Vision, Mission & Philosophy of

the Best International School In Hyderabad

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Why can’t a School develop inner tools for lifelong learning?

Can education move from merely imparting knowledge to showing how to apply that knowledge? Can we as parents move from mindless test scores to a more meaningful method of evaluation? Can a child be taught to recognise and create value in everything she/he does?

These were some questions that inspired us to start The Gaudium. Gaudium means ‘Joy’ in Latin. At The Gaudium, we will help each child find joy through the core values of Respect, Empathy, Integrity, Perseverance and Gratitude. This is what makes us the best international school in Hyderabad.

The Gaudium’s Vision

Unlocking potential of every student to create happy and responsible leaders who balance their inner and outer world to be future-ready!

The Gaudium’s Mission

To transform our students into global citizens and enable them to make a difference to themselves and to the society driven through the 5 developmental pillars of holistic excellence, core values, stakeholder engagements, mindfulness & wellbeing, and global leadership.

To provide a range of joyful learning experiences through exploration, experimentation, enriching environment and exposure to deepen understanding of self and the world at large through our Happy Minds Model.

The Gaudium Philosophy

The philosophy of The Gaudium, is guided by the concept of ‘value creating education’, which was developed to reform education and to make the world a better place.

‘The starting point and essence of Value Creating Education, is the spirit to treasure each student’s individuality so that they can become happy and enjoy a glorious future. Education does not exist for the sake of the nation, for business, or for religion. The aim of value creation education is the happiness of oneself and others, as well as society as a whole, and peace for all humanity.’

Education at The Gaudium emphasises that joy and happiness should be the purpose of both, learning and life. Our Happy Minds’ Model rests on 5 developmental pillars, which represent our belief that- Holistic Excellence is achieved through an ecosystem of core values, supported by mindfulness and well-being involving all stakeholders, so that our happy global leaders are ready to take the quantum leap into the future.

The Gaudium ‘Happy Minds Model’