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Boarding in a school adds to the convenience for a student especially when they are pursuing education along with their choice of sports and arts. But first let us look at some important reasons why boarding makes sense:

  • Boarding schools enable students anywhere from the world to achieve their dreams and reach their potentials in that they aim to do
  • Boarding schools offer a Wealth of Experiences in ‘Learning and Living’, this would help to do well in later life.
  • Children at boarding school benefit from lower classes with heightened interaction between students and their teachers.
  • Studies show that boarding school students not only excel at University, but advance rapidly in their professional careers.

What does a boarding school environment offer?

  • Peer: Children have their own peer group and do not feel lonely. They are motivated to be independent and learn leadership skills
  • Academics: Academic support to the Boarding children at all the time of their stay in the Boarding house by well experienced teachers
  • Teachers: Highly qualified Teachers who take personal care in school as Tutors during the study hours at the Boarding House
  • Opportunities: Boarding children have diversified opportunities to sharpen their skills. Apart from excelling in academics they also learn to be well versed in sports, arts and life skills
  • Care: Boarding children have relentless support from the dedicated Boarding Staff to look after the daily needs of each child and they are cared for at all times during their stay in Boarding House. The Teachers take care of the child in School and any if any concerns with Boarding will inform the Boarding House Parent as Boarding School is Home away from Home.
  • Diversity: This enables the students to respect and be helpful to the peer group & elders. Learn ethical practices, social development, social awareness and responsibility. Learn to create a community which strengthens the integrity, fidelity, honesty, responsibility, commitment and dedication to achieve great things in life and in giving back to the world
  • Experience: The boarding children are guided and nurtured to be independent in mind and spirt, they learn to widen their intellectual horizons through global exposures in academics, sports, arts and community services

There is a popular perception that Boarding in schools in only meant to either discipline students or for the students who are slack in their studies. Nothing can be further from the truth. Apart from the reasons elicited above, some facts about boarding schools are:

  • Boarding School is for the Children who are looking for more academic excellence and wonderful future career prospects. To be an Overall All Rounder – “Holistic Development”
  • Students who attend boarding school are usually among the most successful students than their home schools
  • Boarding schools are for Students who truly want to experience Greater Challenges and be Successful in Future Life
  • Boarding schools is a one stop stay for all the Best opportunities and learnings for life
  • The boarding children learn to set their standards high in whatever they do in a Diligent, Dignified and Dedicated manner

What will children do in The Gaudium after school?

  • Boarding school at Gaudium has a wide variety of sports, arts, athletics and specialized extracurricular activities to engage the students after school hours.
  • Study halls with dedicated Tutors to help the children to focus on academics.
  • Dinner with their peer group and boarding.
  • Boarding children are conditioned for future success because they are encouraged to achieve their full potential at Boarding Schools
  • Children learn to live in pride as they follow the systematic routines

The Gaudium Boarding campus:

  • The Gaudium b