Learning Choices

Learning Choices

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At The Gaudium we acknowledge, appreciate and support the personalised, remedial, enrichment as well as differentiated learning and teaching on physical, virtual or blended platforms. The members of the Inclusion and Learning Diversity Department work closely with the teachers in providing conducive environment which fosters equal learning opportunities for all students

Following are the learning choices extended to all students:

Personalised Learning

At The Gaudium teachers adopt personalised learning as an instructional approach that encompasses both differentiation and individualisation. They support student specific interests based on their prior experiences. Students are encouraged to set goals in different subject areas and design a required action plan to achieve them. Teachers provide students time, resources and guidance on how to self regulate their path towards achieving their goals. All students across curricula are involved in personal inquiry throughout the academic year.

Differential Learning

At The Gaudium all teachers identify students’ learning needs at the beginning of the academic year as well as throughout the year to ensure that each student is catered to. They further design a range of learning and teaching strategies and tools, (videos, audios, worksheets, hands on activities, learning applications, role play etc) to align to the requirement of different kinds of multiple intelligences (Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalist Intelligence) prevalent in all students at all times.

Enrichment Programme

The Enrichment programme is another initiative taken at The Gaudium in the middle and high school level to cater to the unique needs of students who need a little push to reach their real potential. To achieve this the teachers create customised action plans and level based worksheets to challenge these students.

Social-Emotional Learning and Inclusion

At The Gaudium Social-emotional learning (SEL) is the responsibility of all teachers who work towards developing self awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills for their success. The strategies include regular mindfulness activities, group and individual counselling sessions, circle time, pastoral care, student centric workshops etc. These are further supported by sessions facilitated by professionals. We have an exclusive Inclusion and Learning Diversity Department at The Gaudium to help students with various needs to develop strong social-emotional skills to cope up with everyday challenges and benefit academically, professionally, and socially.

Blended learning

The unprecedented pandemic has given an opportunity to all The Gaudium students, especially the board batches, to adapt to the new learning system-Blended learning. It offers the students convenience and flexibility where they have the ability to control their learning pace and learn remotely. A student might attend classes in a real-world classroom setting and then supplement the lesson by completing online coursework followed by interactive, face-to-face class activities gaining richer educational experiences.

Virtual learning support

At The Gaudium we walk an extra mile to support our students beyond the regular virtual classroom by providing designated time for them to connect, clarify and take their understanding of the learning deeper. Meet Me Time and Study Lounge are the two programmes offered to extend this support to all the students across the school.

Meet Me Time

In the primary school students of Grades 1-5 meet after school hours to inquire, discuss and enhance their understanding of concepts, unpack facts and share perspectives with their teachers based on their