Learning Competencies

Learning Competencies

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Competencies define the applied skills and knowledge that enable students to successfully engage in the learning process and take meaningful action. At The Gaudium students use and develop competencies through a range of challenging tasks which leads them to collaborate, apply and innovate. These competencies help students draw and build upon what they know, how they think and what they can do. At The Gaudium learning competencies are acquired by imbibing and applying skills through innovative programmes which in turn leads to community action.

At The Gaudium students are encouraged to demonstrate social responsibility and take action through imbibing core values on their journey towards becoming global leaders who value humanity and contribute to make a positive difference from local to global. Community service and action is connected to student ownership and choice of learning, learner profile and international mindedness. While serving others and the community, the students experience a natural sense of accomplishment and gives them a sense of pride and identity.

In the primary school students take ownership and engage in self initiated action which can be individual or collective and arises from their inquiries. In the middle and high school students participate in service-based activities where they take action while applying what they learn in the classroom. students are encouraged to be involved in activities as individuals and as part of a team to enhance their personal and interpersonal development social and civic responsibility. It is both challenging and enjoyable – a personal journey of self-discovery that recognizes each student’s individual starting point.  The school wide year long community service programme is based on UN 17 sustainable goals which guides each grade to choose one of the goals and strive to make a difference with their actions. Through this programme, learners become sensitive to their surroundings and strive for a more sustainable development.

Following are the innovative programmes: