Middle Schooling At The Gaudium

Middle Schooling At The Gaudium

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The middle school at The Gaudium is a comprehensive framework that provides academic challenge and develops the life skills in students from ages 11-16. The Middle school curriculum, which is in alignment with the School’s philosophy, inspires students to develop their identity and achieve success in the long run through experimenting and innovating their learning path. The school offers its learners to choose from the three different national and international curricula: MYP, CI and CBSE which help each child identify and develop his/her individual tool for real happiness. The curricula strives to explore the varied capabilities of the learners and nurture them to the fullest potential through investigation, evaluation and self-reflection, thus preparing students for life.

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

It is a comprehensive curriculum framework that helps students develop life skills and apply their knowledge in familiar an unfamiliar real world context. The MYP emphasises on intellectual challenge and enables students to achieve success in school and beyond.

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Standardised curriculum which is structured and follows a scientific approach that is regularly upgraded in line with the changing demands of the society. It promotes all round development of a child’s personality and intellect by integrating arts and sports in education. It aims to stress free, child centred and holistic education to all children without compromising on quality.

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Cambridge International  (CI)

Cambridge is a content driven , structured curriculum which fosters academic rigour and enables learners to apply knowledge and understanding to familiar and new situations in any field. A student after acquiring an IGCSE degree has an in-depth knowledge and understanding across the length and breadth of the curriculum.

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Some of the salient points that make Middle Schooling the strongest at The Gaudium:

Students progress from transdisciplinary learning in the Primary to Interdisciplinary in the middle school.

  • Students assimilate their learning to prepare for integrated, technology-based assignments which include concepts from Humanities, Science, Mathematics, as well as the language arts
  • They also apply their knowledge in creating Art Integrated projects, demonstrating their learning through the Academic Fair etc
  • Interdisciplinary skills are evident through case studies in Humanities, alternative to practical in sciences, depth studies in History, directed and response writing in Languages, Academic Fairs etc

Students engage in at least one interdisciplinary unit each year. They use interdisciplinary approach for problem solving, create a product, raise awareness and acquire understanding that would have been unlikely through a single discipline

In the middle school this approach is driven through assessments connected to real world, subjects and projects based on real world problems.

  • In CBSE curriculum students work on multiple assessments as a part of design thinking, where they work on real world problems and find possible solutions. They get 80 mins per week to work on the assessments. e.g., Art Integrated projects
  • In CAIE Global Perspectives as a subject is aligned to Design thinking, where students explore various global challenges, find solutions using Computer skills. 2 hrs are dedicated every week for designing their solutions for various challenges such as Water conservation, Employment Issues etc
  • Students are engaged in the design thinking process wherein they:
    • Empathise & ideate (Inquiring and Analysing)
    • Plan (Developing Idea