Safety & Security

Safety & Security

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A safe and secure environment is a must-have for a child to blossom and learn the way she/he should. We put a lot of emphasis on both physical and emotional safety. Some of the measures we take are as follows:

Physical Safety

  1. An integrated network of CC Cameras, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, Fire Hydrant system, Public Address Systems, Electrical Fencing and Access Control systems are connected through state-of-the-art building management system.
  2. Entry and Exit Management and vigilant surveillance of the entire campus by a globally leading security services agency.
  3. Disaster Management Systems including, Lock-down, Evacuation, Fire Drills and proper training to all members of the school community including the support staff.
  4. Medical Emergency-In house well-trained Nurse present during school hours. (since boarding is starting we can say round the clock). The School has a tie-up with Continental Hospital for any emergency.
  5. Food and Water safety – Our Kitchen is run by a globally renowned world-class food service provider – Compass group with regular internal and external audits.
  6. Thorough background checks are carried out for all the members of the school community.
  7. GPS enabled buses along with student entry and exit tracking. One female Support Staff is present on every bus.
  8. Continuous internal and external training for the drivers on Road Safety, Fire Safety and practices and policies of the School.
  9. Student ID card enabled as tracking and Parent ID card as verification for handing over the child during exit.

Emotional Safety

  1. No corporal punishment of offensive language used on campus.
  2. Zero tolerance towards bullying and discrimination.
  3. Web access controlled through filters, real-time monitoring and stringent firewalls.
  4. Support staff regularly trained on all aspects of safety as well as on handling a child.
  5. Friendly and approachable staff willing to help every student.
  6. Child friendly policies and practices in place.
  7. Pastoral care is given through mentoring.
  8. Non-aggressive communication and mutual respect is practised.
  9. Awareness programs for the child to identify and voice out any kind of abuse.
  10. Psychologist to counsel the students for emotional comfort of the students.
  11. Special instructions unit to provide additional support to the students.
  12. Child is given all the liberty to voice out his/her thoughts, ideas of issues with a sense of responsibility to resolve his/her issues.
  13. Any student can approach the Principal at any given point of time and express his/her problems.

The battle against Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming education in unprecedented ways. As we respond to the extraordinary challenges ahead, supporting the learning and well-being of students and future generations continues to be at the fore