What is Peace? , Peace according to me is a state of mind where we desire absolute positivity, deficiency of conflicts (either social, personal or global etc.), absolute mental and physical comfort, a state where we are tremendously open to reflect and introspect ourselves, and a state where we become completely transparent to ourselves and become accustomed to every little part of us.

As the world accelerated towards advancements, like higher living standards, higher financial status, higher prestige etc. we are slowly and slowly depriving peace from our lives, whilst achieving our dreams and goals, but it is very important for each one of us to know that depriving of peace from our lives may or may not propel us towards our dreams coming true, but if we practice peace every day and consistently move forward in our life with peace as equal as peace being our second heart, the chances of our dream becoming true are higher.  These were the thoughts and ideas that billowed from my mind during the session with the guest speaker, Mr. Bala Kishore. He had clearly mentioned that performing exercises like meditation and its various forms of exercises would enable peace. As rightly said by him such exercises relax our internal and external body parts which lets us relax, slackens the speed of our thoughts which increases the efficiency of knowledge that we gain, and if at all we are in a state of confusion or discomfort, it extracts us from it and places us in a peaceful and comfortable situation.

I could solely relate to what Mr. Bala Kishore (guest Speaker) said as I personally had experienced stressful situations and seen people not handle such situations properly, when Sir was talking about how easily these types of situations can be dealt only by these few simple exercises that we can perform anywhere and at any time. I really hadn’t expected this session to be so self-realizing for me, though I knew about it, I hadn’t made the effort to understand it. Indeed, the celebration stood up to its name of International Peace Day. I was indeed a lot happier (a form of peace that I relate to!) after listening to what Sir said. Thank you, Sir, for enlightening us with such good thoughts!!