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It’s time you launched kids towards their potential!

Teaching is the most noble of all professions. There is no debate on that. But did you ever feel that you were also responsible for launching the kids under your tutelage towards their potential? Teachers, just like parents, have a major influence in forming the future of children. To do so, teachers too should have the right environment, tools and support.

The Gaudium is a school that believes education is not a matter of routine nor just a route to ‘finish’ an accepted part of life. Education should empower, education should be a guide and most importantly kids should enjoy the process of getting enlightened. Towards that end even the name of the school means Joy in Latin.

The Gaudium is spread over 27 acres in Kollur. It has an adventure camp onsite. It has a petting zoo. You would lose count over the number of labs – Science Labs, DIY Labs, Computer Labs, why, even Language Labs! The curriculum is based on CBSE / IGCSE / IB guidelines. The school was the first to introduce STEM learning based on the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths. It also believes in education through theatre as a major tool apart from the 42 other methods of teaching!

The Gaudium ensures that there is 1 teacher for every 12 students. Teachers undergo a minimum of 270 hours of every year to be abreast of all the developments in the tools and techniques. Teachers not just educate the kids in the school but also share their expertise and knowledge by expressing themselves on the school blog – for the world to know and acknowledge.

Are you ready to lead by example?

To re-define formal education and bring about a paradigm shift in school education is the unique mission of The Gaudium. It is absolutely essential then, for members of the faculty to be equally committed to this change, by constantly educating and updating themselves not only with the latest in subject content, educational practices, classroom management and more, but also be committed to fostering values of fairness, truth, excellence and hard work.

The Gaudium School’s faculty member needs to accept the school rules and working structures, responsibility for the educational growth and the quality of instruction with regard to students. They have to work sensitively with faculty from other cultural and religious backgrounds and have a genuine interest in global citizenship and social justice.

The Gaudium School   Hyderabad is inviting applications from interested teachers to work in our IBPYP, IB DP IB MYP, Cambridge, CBSE, & CAIE segments for the academic year 2021-2022.

Our work culture is inclusive with attractive salaries,  benefits &  all-round professional development of teachers.

IB PYP – Inviting applications from IB experienced and freshers for the following positions-

  1. Home room teachers all grades Nursery to 5
  2. Visual Art
  3. Dance
  4. Music
  5. PE
  6. Library
  7. Drama

Home Room teachers must have experience in handling Primary years & Early years programs.

Freshers with good verbal & written skills in English   may also apply.

IB MYP:  We are hiring for the following positions with a minimum of three years relevant experience

  1. English Language & Lit