There are no limits to what we can accomplish, except the limits we put on our own minds. In an attempt to break through those self-imposed barriers, in our series of ‘Talking Titans’, Master Krishna Prem Kumar galvanized students of both his age and those elder to him.

While birds are admired for their beauty and grace of their near-miraculous ability to fly, Master Prem sanguinely flew the highest flight with a crew of awe-struck audience who gaped at the seamless oration of his proficiency and perception. His elocution was a synonym to confidence as he effortlessly spoke about the behaviour, physiology, and conservation of birds and bird habitats; work that often involves Ornithologists to survey, record and report on bird activity.

While our classrooms are a hub of exploring, analyzing, and imbibing all that surrounds the young and eager minds, the guest talks flavoured their perspectives with varied aspirations. Master Krishna could, unlike any other guest lectures, make it buoyant because for our geckos, Prem was their replica; a 13-year-old who could conjure and speculate the intricacies of nature and its inhabitants.

Krishna was an instant celebrity with a huge fan base within minutes of his commencement of speech; his Instagram and Facebook pages received voluminous likes and follows. Krishna, one of the youngest ornithologists of “Hyderabad Birding Pal”s group has also been interviewed by a number of  Magazines. His tale of achievement took our Geckos of grades 6-8 through an inspiring journey of rising above distractions, honing skills, nurturing consistency, and conquering over electronic gadgets and getting close to nature.

The session that started at 9 am with an introduction by Ms. Sunitha Indukuri, Cambridge Coordinator will remain as one of the most well-received talk-show. Time flew as the geckos interacted enthusiastically with our guest.  The session ended with the Principal, Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton commenting on Krishna’s exhaustive knowledge and seamless oration. This enriching session concluded with the expression of gratitude by Ms. Sheeja Samy.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln.

By: Sheeja Samy, English Facilitator