We all see birds flying in the air, but do we recognize its true beauty? On 09-09-2020 we learnt about bird watching and bird photography by one of the youngest bird watcher T. Krishna Prem Kumar.

He is a 13-year-old boy who loves to learn about birds, watch them and take photos of them.

Today, he came to our school and told us about his experience on bird watching, his story, how he got into bird watching, tips for bird photography, a few different species of birds and more.

He was on a trip when he first found his love for bird watching. He saw these people taking pictures of birds and he found that very interesting. After he came back to his house, he took out a camera which he already had and went out to look for birds. When he saw any birds he took pictures of them and later went on and researched upon them. He was struggling a lot at the beginning but eventually he became very good at it. He started doing it regularly and his knowledge on birds was amazing.

He told us that if you love the birds, the birds will love you back. If you hate the birds, the birds will hate you back. Finding the unique things in the birds was the best part about bird watching. He told us that he kept on practicing until he finally became good at taking pictures.

If we keep distance from the bird and not disturb them, they will do no harm to us.

He told us about different types of birds like owls, black drongo, greater coucal and the unique features in them. Few of the species had unique beaks, few of them had unique feathers, few of them had pretty eyes.

I absolutely loved this session because it was really fun to learn about the different types of birds and how to do bird photography. My favourite part of this session was when he showed us his pictures of different types of birds and explained them to us.

I learnt a lot from this session and I hope we have more sessions like this one.