The Gaudium School has an efficient career counselling team to guide and support the students in planning for their career road map ahead. Career counselling, being an essential attribute to identify the true aptitude of a student considering his/her interests, skills and passion as it targets in taking goal-oriented step-wise approach considering all the factors and choosing the right path ahead. In this context, we would like to share that Ms Mahitha Sammetha, the career counsellor at The Gaudium has conducted various career webinars recently along with individual sessions.

A webinar on the topic “How you are assessed for Merit-based Scholarships” was organized on 12th September which had the participation of three universities from USA – Leigh University, University of Arizona, and the University of South Florida. The webinar witnessed an active participation of students and parents who came to understand the various scholarships available in these universities along with the popular programs offered by them. The audience were also enlightened on the important criteria of need-based vs merit-based funding, need-based vs need-blind scholarship, and the various factors needed to consider for the scholarships.

Another webinar organized on 18th September saw the participation of three universities- University of Arizona, University of Kansas, and the University of California Irvine, discussing the career prospects and popular programs on offer. The University of Kansas being famous for Aerospace Engineering and having an aerospace laboratory funded by the famous NASA, is eminent and renowned for its research programs. The representatives of the University of California Irvine and the University of Arizona followed the discussion next sharing their significant programs, global ranking and also admission procedure and requirements. Prominent tips and advice of preparing an effective college application essay, selecting a topic, building a strong profile and the elements which the universities look for in a student were shared and discussed and it was extremely beneficial for the participants.

The career counselling team is also actively giving detailed assistance to the students on filling college application forms and supporting through the nuances of country-wise applications, application requirements differing from university to university and thereby thoroughly guiding the students to prepare well for their higher education which would lead to a bright and successful future.

The geckos are very upbeat about the career counselling webinars and the individual support-sessions. From getting all the support required in the admission application process to receiving deeper knowledge of the esteemed universities presented in the webinars, where they could also clarify their queries in each of the webinars organized; the aspiring champions are looking forward to a bright future ahead while readying themselves in a steadfast manner.


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