The session organised on Self-management and metacognitive skills was extremely helpful. Considering that our educational system follows a structure of assessment-based learning where-in formative assessments are rigorously conducted to ensure that students are self-aware of their strengths and learning gaps, it becomes easier for one to recognize the areas of improvement and create a plan to achieve greater heights in the same.

I found the process of metacognition introduced in the session very advantageous because a lot of times we ourselves aren’t aware of the skills and strengths that we possess or we tend to believe that those skills are nothing but ‘ordinary’, which is why the only way of knowing it is to stop; take a breath and then proceed. I personally believe that by occasionally reminding ourselves to stop during the day can increase our awareness of what is going on around us and inside us and that can benefit us in numerous ways.

In the duration of this session, I was able to interact with my classmates and collaborate effectively, I found this session to be extremely fun because I got the opportunity to share my opinions and listen to those that my peers had to share about their ways of taking a break and recognizing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses through a pleasant cognitive process.

By: Ambe Jain, DP year 1 student