The self-management session conducted was indeed a self-managing session!

This session was like never before! Unfortunately, Ms. Vijeta had some technical problems due to which we were unable to hear her, we were in a dilemma about what should be done now? This situation got us some scope or say a small happiness as the class would be cancelled. But it did not happen. The teacher was able to present the session only her voice could not be heard. The teacher asked us to read from the shared presentation and discuss, she used the chat box to give instruction from time to time. I was surprised by the way our classmates participated and involved everyone. I realized cancelling the class was not the solution for the problem, but turning the problem into an opportunity for all of us to take the lead and meet the objective of the class was the significant part. I realised, I no longer should be like a small kid, and be happy with short term happiness, we truly know the importance of knowledge and the importance of classes. All of us came up with an idea of reading it out loud and sharing our opinions and ideas over statements or questions given in the presentation, which is what the teachers always wanted us to do. We also did push some of our peers to speak. Yes, I know it is a new place for most of them, but as our peers are closer to us than the teachers we took the advantage of that and encouraged them to speak. I almost thought that this idea would be a failure since it is online and many people would talk without coordination, it would end up sounding just like a busy market. But no! We carried it out really well. We gave each other space and time to speak and did respect each other’s’ views. The session for many of us was an eye opener of how we perform in a team. I was really happy at the end of the session. I would like to have more sessions like this deliberately!

Thank you Ms. Vijeta.