This school year is different for all grades. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, we all are taking online classes. This year 2020 will be a never forgettable year, we have been locked in the house for several months now, it was very boring with no friends around. After a long vacation, the school has reopened now which has brought us joy.

This year, our class has started MYP, but we are experiencing it differently because we are taking online classes. Our experience with online classes is a fun, interesting, and unique experience.

The teachers are very friendly and we love the way they teach and the activities we do are relatable to that subject so that we understand that subject clearly.  It is exciting with the online classes.  After 2 days of online courses, we have unlimited work to do, it’s fun and also wonderful experiences. Online classrooms are fun and we are enjoying and learning in a virtual classroom with friends, new teachers, and news subjects. This is a new concept of learning,  I never knew that online classes are going to take a large part of our life to learn something beautiful and interesting. The teachers give us interesting topics with hands-on experience.

Even though we are back in our classrooms, we still miss being in school with our friends, teachers and interacting with them physically. Its new experience and a “new normal” trend which is going to be in the future and is very effective. It is very convenient for teachers and students in case they are travelling or at the same other place or not physically moving. This new normal has taught much required technical skills to connect with people around the world and learn effectively.

By: Shammita, Deekshitha, Aparajita, and Nayonika, MYP 2