The class on effective referencing and citations which was presented by Sutapa Ma’am, was quite interesting and entertaining; and I think I speak for my class when I say that the lesson was very useful and helpful as it plays a crucial role in our EE (extended essay). The entire period just flew by as Sutapa ma’am started to clearly and effortlessly explain in-detail about how we were supposed to cite and she hasn’t failed to acknowledge any question that has been asked by the students. This class is surely going to be remembered for a very long time by the entire class and will be referred back, by most of us. Personally, I felt that the teaching methodology is very unique and created a powerful impact in my mind.

The concept about citation was stated very clearly and was expressed in a distinct manner, none of the students were left behind, because ma’am tried to involve everyone as we continued to progress through the presentation. In my opinion, I think that the topic – “effective referencing” wasn’t quite elaborately explained and I think it would be better if it would’ve been. But I’m assuming that it will be covered again in future classes.

Overall, the experience was definitely amazing and quite nurturing. And I hope to learn about this topic as we gradually progress through the year.

By: Pranav Moola, Student of DP year 1