The IBMYP is an international program designed especially for students between the ages 11 and 16. The International Baccalaureate provides schools with a curriculum framework and provides schools with an opportunity to design a rigorous curriculum tailored to provide students with an authentic and relevant learning experience. Our MYP students and teachers have begun their MYP journey and are actively involved in their learning process. The students will be introduced to one of the MYP core components which will further enhance their learning experience by taking their learning to the community through Service as Action.

Service as action is MYP’s core component and is a vital part of the MYP Programme. It is mandatory for students to get involved in service activities and complete the service requirements for each year level. The MYP Service as Action Programme provides an avenue for experiential learning through a range of physical, service, and community activities. Very soon the students will get involved in Service as action activities which will be initiated in their PHE and Design classes and will be extended for them to work with between weekdays. Teachers will monitor their daily progress followed by students working offline with the guidance provided by the teachers.

Meaningful service requires an understanding of an underlying issue such as poverty, literacy rates, pollution, self -wellbeing, and being compassionate to others to name a few. To begin with, our students will start this program with an objective of self-mental wellbeing and will then extend it to their family members which will be further extended to a wider community through a Digital platform. Below mentioned is the continuum of Service in different IB Programmes.

The below model is the service cycle provided by IB which will help students to reflect on their learning journey.

Learning outcomes provided by IBO are not the same as assessment objectives because they are not rated on a scale. With appropriate guidance and support, MYP students should, through their engagement with Service as Action, achieve the following:

  1. Become more aware of their strengths and areas for growth (challenge)
  2. Undertake challenges that develop new skills (new skills)
  3. Discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities (initiative)
  4. Persevere in action (perseverance)
  5. Work collaboratively with others (collaboration)
  6. Awareness and understanding of culture, intercultural understanding, and international mindedness (awareness & global value)
  7. Consider the ethical implications of their actions (ethics)

Before taking on a service project or activity, students should consider whether they will achieve the outcomes above. At least three (3), and hopefully all seven (7), of these learning outcomes must be achieved through activities to successfully complete the IB SA requirement each year.

We are excited and looking forward to our students, to begin with, this experiential journey.

By: MYPC, Bindiya Jena