“The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”. With that thought to ponder over, the induction session for Grade XI CBSE commenced on July 1, 2020. Welcoming back these fresh high school graduates, bright and beaming with life, was in itself a moment of revelry. Doubly enthused by the prospect of a fun-filled first day of several ice-breakers that encouraged candid conversations, was indeed an opportunity for the faculty members to build a sociable environment conducive to learning all the year round.

An initiation into higher secondary, always comes not only with aspirations of a glorious educational career ahead, but also with apprehensions of shouldering responsibilities like never before. Thus, it is not unlikely to feel like a fish out of water, with the high school comfort behind you, and the big, enterprising world beckoning you. Despite all this, the day brought a whole new perspective, be it the address by the Principal or Coordinators or the discourse by faculty members on intricacies and norms of the curriculum; it presented opportunities for the students to weigh and consider the available options and then take informed decisions that would have an impact on their future educational careers.

Coupled with the academic regalia, was mindful meditation to calm the body and mind. It gave a chance to the freshmen to spare a thought on investing in self-improvement in the coming days.  Writing a reflection at the end of the day was certainly an outlet and gave a whole new outlook to the new environment, where countless dreams would thrive in the days that would follow.

Here’s to the first day of Grade XI!!