I am glad I go to a school where I have the privilege of meeting and interacting with brilliant and inspiring minds. This time I had the honor of interacting with Mr. Aneesh Daniel, a filmmaker, a creative genius par excellence.

He walked us through his journey and experience in film-making. He gave us an insight into how creation sparks and what goes into the writing of a successful script. The session helped me understand a lot about basic film-making; I realized that creativity is not an option, it is a necessity. What I take back from the experience is the need to practice creativity consciously. Until I had attended this guest talk, I had never spared a thought about cinematography and scripting, but this session sparked a flare of curiosity about it in my mind. Apart from a career in film-making, he also brought to light a lot of other aesthetic skills which flared a keen desire for independent research, most importantly, the fact about creative satisfaction; an arena most neglected, but highly fulfilling.

His experiences made me realize the significance of hard work, dedication, and efficiency. I identified with him when he said writing facts, experiences, thoughts down on paper still remain indispensable to satiate creative instincts, for writing is the most potent tool that the human race is blessed with. For example- journaling helps us express our emotions and stay at ease or like writing poetry helps us express our ideas in a wreath of words.

His ideas on perspective truly inspired me to practice looking at things from various angles. I feel perspective can help us solve problems. Even the toughest of problems can be solved when we look at it from different angles, much like a Rubik’s cube- it can be solved when we look at it from all 6 sides.

Overall, this session was an eye-opener to the need to be a keen observer to widen our perspectives and I am glad I could be a part of it. I look forward to more such sessions which will help me gain a deeper understanding of skills that go into the making of a successful life.


By: Jessica Abraham, 12 CBSE