A wise Napoleon Hill once said “One of the most valuable things any person can learn is the art of using the knowledge and experience from others”. And fortunately enough I acquired a bit of this cherished treasure from Siddharth Tripurani, an IBDP graduate who will be attending New York University- Stern School of business this year.

This guest lecture specifically, was very unique due to one precise distinctive reason. Siddharth was not so long ago a student of our age, who knows what it means to be a Gen Z student in a world full of technology and advancement. His session was rich in content for many reasons; at the outset I was able to comprehend the preconceived negative notions that a few students have about some elements of IBDP such as ToK and the actual truth behind such interpretations, along with that, he also provided a philosophical introspection about how to plan and organize ourselves and our efforts into becoming better. Seeing Siddharth talk about “What not to do” in the process of preparing for the imminent is all that I needed to hear and his hearing assisted me in finding the balance between how much effort and stress needs to be going to groundwork.  After much reflection upon his words, I have realized how sometimes we put ourselves under so much pressure and hassle to live up to our expectations and how in other times, we take everything for granted and are neglectful towards our schedules and tasks. We occasionally forget that what we are going through right now is just a process of never ending learning and evolution, and due to this we are content when we reach a goal but the truth is there is never an end to success.

Now,  I can very assertively say that I have become much more open eyed towards what goes into becoming not only a student with an exemplary performance but also a responsible human being in general.


By: Bindhu Poornima – Grade 10 IGCSE