What exactly is an icebreaker? It’s something that serves to relieve inhibitions or tension between people.

Naturally, we started our pre IBDP course by getting to know the newer members of our class, we had all come from different backgrounds and schools. Getting to know each other was fun, knowing that I had people who have the same interest as me was comforting. Finally, after three years we’ve seen new faces in our class! I for one was extremely delighted to see all of them. After getting to know each other, we had a virtual walk-through of our school. The students who had already been with the school in previous years were given the opportunity to do the voice over for the video- based walk-through. We showed the new students our 27 -acre campus also everything that was ready and yet to come.

After this we were asked a series of questions about ourselves and our plans for the future by our class mentor, Ms. Sushmita Mukerjee. Each one of us had distinctive career goals! We had them all! The group tasks that we were assigned brought us closer, it’s ironic how just yesterday we didn’t even know each other and now we can’t imagine a class without them!

The online classes help us stay motivated and involved, so that we do not miss out on our learning. The teachers are doing their best to help us have entertaining and interactive sessions. Although it really would be great coming back to school and being able to study and have fun with our friends and teachers. Till then we can all do our best and help making the situation better!


By: Kyra Cherian, DP Year 1 student