“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”

Gautam Buddha


The saga of the human race has always been that of endurance. The leap from cave age to the moon is a phenomenal chronicle. We have prospered, we have grown; grown in our ability, grown in our thoughts. We have been re-shifting our thoughts and philosophies; like a game of chess- in line, but focusing on what is coming up.

The words of wisdom from Buddha say it all- ‘We create what we imagine.’ When we shift our imagination to a more positive front, we see ourselves rolling up our sleeves to embrace the unknown, determined to tame it. This has been the practice of our “Happy Mind Model Family” in The Gaudium School. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the education sector hard, Mr Murthy, the senior-most teacher of TGS had no time playing the victim; so was the entire Gaudium family.  Like warriors, we geared ourselves up with every possible technological armour. Right from the grassroots level, everyone has been neck-deep in embracing this change in the most productive way, surprising ourselves and proving that we could do it.

Our little angels have also been embracing discomfort with a smile. They miss the bond; they miss the warmth; nevertheless, they are determined to leverage the mess. Shaking off every uncertainty, embracing the discomfort, adapting to the change at a breakneck pace, they are redefining learning.

Teaching and learning have taken a complete U-turn after the current pandemic. The universe has directed us to new magical meadows. Ease and comfort may have dwindled. The road may seem not taken. So what if the road is not taken, so what if it is not trodden, we keep self-pity at bay. We, at Gaudium, are here to transform; transform exponentially.

By: Sheeja Samy, English facilitator