Show and tell is a practice of sharing something to an audience and telling about it. It is an important part of a child’s learning and development. It helps them to organize information and build confidence. With the aim of providing an opportunity for our students of Grade PP2 to develop effective communication skills, ‘Show and tell’ learning engagement was organized.

Students came up with artefacts which belonged to their grandparents, parents and their own artefacts. They were enthusiastic to show it to their peers and teachers and described the artefacts as they shared whom it belonged to, how it looked, what it was made up of. etc.

Some students shared that it was a traditional artefact which belonged to their grandparents. They got cultural artefacts which are kept by their families. They were also able to connect with the key concept, ‘form’ as they described how the artefacts looked like. They described the artefacts using different adjectives. Students shared the reasons to keep the artefacts. They were able to demonstrate their communication skills by exchanging information and speaking about the artefacts. They connected with the learner profile attribute, ‘communicators’, where they communicated confidently to the audience. Students eagerly listened to their peers and observed different artefacts brought by them. It was an enriching and meaningful learning experience.


Some highlights: