Hindi is one of the two official languages of the Union government — the other being English. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of the Republic of India. It is celebrated on the 14th of September each year. The Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi as the official language of the Republic of India on the 14th of September 1949. This day is observed as Hindi Diwas each year.

Hindi Diwas was celebrated enthusiastically in the primary wing of The Gaudium School on the 14thof September for Grades 1 to 5. Students participated in the event in a lively manner during the online classes. They were also shown the different states where Hindi is spoken and is the official language. The students discussed the ways through which we can maintain the respect of the Hindi language. They stated the importance of the Hindi language, and expressed their thoughts through slogans, poetry, and messages. A quiz was organized for students in some classes, in which the students participated enthusiastically. The students also recited Dohe and Chaupayees.

The celebration was aimed at building respect for the language and also to promote that languages can be learnt online using a range of strategies.