At the Gaudium school, we believe that teachers play a vital role in students’ development, hence they need to upgrade their knowledge at frequent intervals. For teachers, to be well versed with the latest developments and upgrade their skills, they have to undergo 270 hours of professional development in each academic year. The process of the first phase of professional development for the academic year 2020-21, started with the induction program for the new and returning teachers. Teachers were welcomed with a warm introduction and a brief of the induction program schedule which was diligently planned by the school leadership team. The sessions were planned rigorously with modules from diverse subject areas which will enable teachers to strengthen their skill sets and provide an authentic and meaningful learning experience. Few of the sessions included giving them a thorough understanding of School philosophy, School policies, School communication systems, CAS, including the curriculum specific Professional development sessions. The sessions demanded teachers get actively involved in the teaching and learning process.

This induction program provided teachers with a platform to collaborate and establish a strong channel of communication and helped them to learn from each other by sharing their experiences and perspectives. During the sessions. teachers were empowered to involve themselves in constructive discussions and embrace different opinions. Teachers were also provided with self- reflection time, wherein, they reflected on how they can incorporate their learning from these sessions in their day to day teaching and learning practices. It was fruitful two weeks of authentic, relevant, and rigorous training and certainly, this will create a positive difference in their classroom environment.

Feedback is always a strong medium for improvement. During this process, teachers were encouraged to provide feedback on the sessions on a daily basis, which helped us to tweak the upcoming sessions based on the teachers’ feedback and their needs. By the end of the two weeks induction program, we are all geared up to welcome our students for this academic year and we will constantly work towards providing them with enriching learning experiences throughout the year.

By Bindiya Jena, MYP Coordinator