The start of this academic year 2020-21 at Gaudium with over two hundred staff at front end was in virtual platform. As planned we executed the two weeks induction programme scheduled for our teachers, sometimes in larger groups and sometimes in smaller groups collaborated according to the curriculum program requirements very effectively engaging and bringing in multiple perspectives focused on individual leadership goals aligned to the whole school goal set for this year.

The integration of technology has always been blended in our teaching and learning practices. This time it has only enhanced and enriched our research skills, self management skills and critical and creative thinking skills, though there will be a lack of social skills and physical communication skills which amidst the pandemic situation we don’t have a choice. We are geared up for at least two months learning experience for our students in online commencing from 15th June so that we continue our teaching and learning blended both with online and classroom contact at school campus resuming as per Government directives and our collective wisdom to transition in phased manner.

Our emphasis on this year is to strengthen five developmental pillars of Gaudium Happy Minds Model. We have designed it in such a way that the students demonstrate their excellence in all the domains of development reflecting their journey of learning in individual student portfolio, the teachers practice their teaching excellence on key principles meticulously planned and efficiently executed and accounted through individual portfolio, and leaders envision and implement the best standards recorded in individual dossier.


Shanmugam Paramasivan, Principal IB