Integrated Humanities in MYP

The commencement of MYP 2’s Integrated Humanities started with the topic of ‘Dynamic Earth’. The students were introduced to the topic keeping in line with the curriculum’s aim of aligning the young minds with thinking [...]

Make your kids love maths

I hate maths. Why do we have to do this? It is hard. It’s boring.. We have all heard this one time or the other. Parents who don’t like maths can pass this attitude [...]

French Class Activity

In light of the approaching examination, an activity based on the speaking skills was conducted in class. The aim of the activity was to teach the students to observe a picture in ‘details’. It should [...]

Student well-being upheld

As a part of the Pre IBDP sessions, we had one session on ‘Student code of conduct’ conducted by Sutapa Ma’am. I had enjoyed all the other sessions conducted, especially the one on Visual Arts [...]

IB learner profile

As IB students, we are required to manifest the IB learner attributes and implement them in our own lives as well as into society. This profile has really awakened the humanitarian global citizen in me [...]

Career counselling session

Being a student of DP year 1, an interactive session with our school career counsellor was an extremely informative and helpful session. Even though I was already sure of the path that I would like [...]

Reflection on Visual Arts Session

In the visual arts session, we had an activity where we explored an editing app called Krita. In this app, we used different tools and textures to make a painting and developed our skills. I [...]

Self-Management Skill – Metacognition

The session organised on Self-management and metacognitive skills was extremely helpful. Considering that our educational system follows a structure of assessment-based learning where-in formative assessments are rigorously conducted to ensure that students are self-aware of [...]

Reflection on self-management session

The self-management session conducted was indeed a self-managing session! This session was like never before! Unfortunately, Ms. Vijeta had some technical problems due to which we were unable to hear her, we were in a [...]

The IB Myp Profile

The IBMYP is an international program designed especially for students between the ages 11 and 16. The International Baccalaureate provides schools with a curriculum framework and provides schools with an opportunity to design a [...]

Visual Arts in MYP

The first week of July started with discussing the importance of Process journal and its various formats. Students reflected and understood that care must be taken to ensure that the arts process journal is not [...]

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