As a part of The Gaudium School’s many novel steps  are taken toward a meaningful implementation of the Happy Minds model during the induction week. The teachers participate in the policy review which is instrumental in the running of the school. This will instill more trust and passion in the ideals and implementation of the model. The task for the teachers was to be critical and open in reading the policies and offer recommendations to make the policies more compact. The teachers were divided into four different subject groups and each of the four policies were discussed in four different chat rooms. Under the supervision of the coordinator, the teachers came together to revisit the policies of the school.

In the language policy review session, the discussion among all the language teachers went on for almost two hours and each of the teachers discussed different aspects of the policy. The inception of a language policy steering committee was hailed by all the language teachers. They touched upon issues like the use of vernacular in the school, remedial classes, the school language profile and school language portrait. The definitions of different concepts, the nomenclature of different activities and ideas were put under the knife by the language teachers. More useful ways of synchronising the school values and the curricula specific language goals were also discussed. The discussions were quite intensive and after the two hours the heads of different languages presented the recommendations to the PLT group. The principals appreciated the way the session had progressed and the way the critical recommendations were made. The language teachers are yet to meet again to follow up the work done and present a more compact edition of the Language Policy of the school to the SMT in ten days’ time.


By-Prithvi Sinha, High School Teacher