The Gaudium School celebrated their 2nd Annual Sports Day on 9th January 2020 at the school campus for the Geckos of Playgroup to Grade 2. Sports day is an important and memorable day in a child’s life as it instills sportsmanship, excitement, competitive spirit and physical performance. The Gaudium School sports day had the right mix of fun, competition, performance and team spirit as the Geckos were energetic and excited throughout the event.

The program began with the lighting of the lamp and invoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty. The founder and director of the school Ms. Kirthi Reddy addressed the audience, in which she inspired and motivated the students. She spoke about the vision of Gaudium and the five developmental pillars which are to be introduced from the coming academic year that will be in the path of pedagogy, curriculum and everyday learning. The five pillars are holistic development, core values, mindfulness and well-being, stakeholder engagement and global leadership. She explained the details of the 5 developmental pillars and the intention behind culminating them. The Director thanked all the parents, friends and well-wishers for their trust and support. The Geckos of Playgroup to Grade 2 marched by the grounds waving cheerfully to the audience. Soon the Director declared the sports meet open which was signified by releasing of balloons to the sky. The Geckos as well as the audience looked at the sight with amazement as the colorful balloons soared high into the sky. The drums started beating, making the mood energetic as the Geckos dispersed and got ready for the sporting events to follow.

The circuit training for Nursery Geckos was an active training for the energetic children as they jumped and played with full energy exercising their motor skills. Next there was a fun race for the playgroup Geckos who had their parents accompanying them. 13 Geckos along with one of their parents participated in the fun race where the parents got their kids ready for school. It was hilarious and totally enjoyed by the participants and the audience. The race for the PP1 Geckos happened next which was followed by a colorful drill by the Grade 1 Geckos. The drill was a beautiful performance of coordination and rhythm. The race for PP2 took place thereafter which saw the Geckos speeding up and competing to win.

The Centre Head of The Gaudium School, Nanakramguda, addressed the school and shared the annual report of the school in the form of an audio-visual presentation, highlighting academic and co-curricular activities, school’s achievements and futuristic goals. The race for the nursery Geckos took place which was subsequently followed by a beautiful drill by the PP1 and PP2 Kollur campus Geckos. After that, the 60 meters race for Grade 2 and Grade 1 took place and the Geckos were super excited to run and compete. The winners of the races were awarded on the prize distribution dais as the parents proudly clapped and cheered for their children. The final performances were the drill by the NNK PP1 and PP2 Geckos followed by a colorful Grade 2 Geckos drill.

The program was concluded with a vote of thanks, followed by the school song and the National Anthem. The Geckos received their food packets and were received by their parents at the end of the program. Delicious snacks were also arranged for the parents who enjoyed their evening.

Key highlights: