The Gaudium School celebrated their 2nd Annual Sports Day on 10th January 2020 at the school campus for the Geckos of Grade 3 to Grade 11. Sports day is an important and memorable day in a child’s life as it instills sportsmanship, excitement, competitive spirit, fellowship and physical performance. The Gaudium School sports day had the right mix of fun, competition, performance and team spirit as the Geckos were energetic and excited throughout the event.

After immense hard work and grueling practice sessions by the Geckos and the teachers, it was the day for the Geckos to outshine. The program started as the Chief Guests entered the school sports premises escorted by the School Prefects and the Sports Captains. The founder and director Ms. Kirthi Reddy addressed the audience in which she spoke about the vision of Gaudium and the five developmental pillars which are to be introduced from the coming academic year and she explained the intention behind culminating them. The school flag was hoisted by the Chief Guests and everyone’s heart was filled with pride at the sight. That was followed with the releasing of balloons by the Chief Guests and the declaration of the sports meet open. The Geckos and the audience looked high with amazement as the balloons soared high, symbolic of the aspirations of the Geckos to reach the stars.

The tradition of the lighting of the torch followed next which along with the background music stirred up feelings of pride and sportsmanship amongst the participants and everyone alike. The torch bearers and their teams are exemplary in their sports disciplines with outstanding results as they have excelled in various sports, from district level, to state level to even national and international levels. The ignited flame was greeted with a huge applause by the audience. The march past by the four tribes of The Gaudium School- Dragon, Pegasus, Griffin and Sphinx followed next, in which the Geckos displayed absolute perfection and coordination. Together with the drumbeats and trumpets played by the marching troop Geckos, the march past energized the mood for the sports events to follow. Soon, the oath taking ceremony took place, where oaths were taken by the students and the sports officials respectively, which was followed by the Chief Guest Mr. Rajeshwar Tiwari’s address to the gathering. He admired the school infrastructure, facilities and staff for standing out from the others and expressed the significance of good schooling in a child’s life for developing an all-round personality. The Geckos then dispersed to their respective allotted venues to be ready for the track events and tribe performances.

A group of high-school musically inclined Geckos constituting the school band delivered a top-notch performance and amazed the audience with their talent. A captivating drill was performed by the Grade 3 Geckos who looked marvelous in their colorful costumes and props. The athletic events commenced thereafter, comprising of 100-meter races for Grades 6 and 7, then Grades 8 and 9, and next Grades 10 and 11 for boys and girls respectively. The winners were awarded their medals and trophies and soon it was the turn for the 100-meter races for Grade 5, Grade 4, 60-meter race for Grade 3, boys and girls respectively. Post their medal distribution, there was an outstanding gymnastic performance by the High School Geckos. The audience was left mesmerized with the gymnastic show, and the icing on the cake was the human pyramid formations which showed the participants’ grit, determination and courage. The principal of PYP Ms. Anjalika Sharma addressed the school and shared the annual report of the school in the form of an audio-visual presentation, highlighting academic and co-curricular activities, school’s achievements and futuristic goals. It was followed by dazzling tribe performances by the high school Geckos which were a treat to watch and another band performance. Soon it was the time for another set of athletic events- the 4 X 100 meters Shuttle races for Grade 4, Grade 5, Grades 6 and 7, Grades 8 to 11 groups of boys and girls respectively. The medal distribution took place and was followed by another fantastic drill by the Geckos of Grades 4 and 5 where they performed an orchestrated ‘Kalariyapayattu’ martial art form. The grand sports event soon came to a closing ceremony as the Geckos assembled on the ground according to their tribes. The sports awards were presented to the winners as the Geckos cheered on for their respective tribes. It was an ecstatic atmosphere, as Mr. Shiv, the Head of Sports department announced the winning tribe- ‘Dragons’ and the trophies were awarded ceremoniously. The program was concluded with the flag retreat ceremony, a vote of thanks, followed by the school song and the National Anthem. Delicious snacks were arranged for the parents and guests and the participants received their snack boxes. The Annual Sport Day event was a grand success which showed high levels of proficiency and sportsmanship and would be etched in everyone’s memories forever.


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