The Gaudium School celebrated the learning of the young students from Grade 5 on Saturday, 23rd March, 2024 at the Graduation day ceremony. The event marked a significant milestone in their academic journey and the stakeholders took great pride in having played a role in their growth and development.

Our Founder and Director, Ms. Kirthi Reddy, took this opportunity to recognize the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment of all stakeholders in providing a nurturing and supportive environment that has enabled our students to realize their full potential. The Gaudium team extended their deepest gratitude to the parents and teachers, who have always guided and supported the students. Their contributions have made a significant impact on the lives of these young graduates.

Grade 5 students now move on to the next step in their academic journey, remembering the values and lessons learned in the PYP at The Gaudium School. They will continue to embrace new experiences, keep an open mind, and strive to positively impact the world.

Once again, congratulations to our lifelong learners as they move closer to their bright futures that await them.