Our young Gaudium students lit up the campus with their traditional attire, adding an extra touch of charm. Our young students dressed in traditional attire, had a special assembly where they talked about importance of Dussehra, sang songs and danced as well.

Dussehra is an exciting festival, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, a lesson we instill in our students.

The primary aim of this event was to unite our school team in celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian culture and the significance of Dussehra. It was a colorful extravaganza filled with happiness and unity.

The highlight of the event was when teachers, ayyamas, and students came together to participate in the festivities. Witnessing our students in their splendid traditional attire was a sheer delight.

This celebration served as a reminder of the values of courage, righteousness, and resilience in the face of adversity. It also showcased the artistic talents of our students and their deep connection to our cultural heritage.

At The Gaudium School, we uphold the belief in holistic education, where cultural and moral values are just as vital as academic excellence. This event perfectly embodied our commitment to promoting cultural diversity, nurturing talent, and fostering unity. We take pride in our vibrant and diverse community that values traditions, respects individuality, and stands united when challenges arise.