The Gaudium School celebrated Christmas in all its joy and happiness on 24th december 2019. Christmas is a festival that refers to the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the world. Christmas is not just a festival or a season but a state of mind- one in which you see the whole world as your home and wish to spread joy among the people in every little way you can.

The geckos of pre-primary celebrated this season of joy to spread the spirit of Christmas.The ambiance of the school was decked up with stars, bells, wreath, tinsels, snowflakes and the christmas tree was decorated with ornaments. The celebrations began with the special assembly where the geckos learnt about the importance of this festival. Next was the most important event in any Christamas celebration- nativity skit, taking the geckos through the story of very first Christmas.  The nativity skit was performed by our early years teachers. The entry of Santa made the geckos jump with joy and excitement. The geckos enjoyed dancing along with the Santa on songs like, ‘Jingle bells’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’. The Santa Claus distributed chocolates to the tiny tots. The geckos also got some takeaways as part of the celebration. The staff enjoyed as well exchanging the Secret Santa gifts.

The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was evident on everyone’s face as they had a fun-filled day.


Some highlights: