I hate maths. Why do we have to do this? It is hard. It’s boring..

We have all heard this one time or the other. Parents who don’t like maths can pass this attitude to their children who then don’t like maths. How can we then make students like maths? How can we create enthusiasm for maths in class? How can we make them love and enjoy maths?

Children are naturally curious. Anything which makes them wonder catches their attention. So how about taking up a topic of the student’s interest and integrating maths in it. “Space” is one such topic. Giving students the freedom to explore any aspect of space, researching and finding out data related to it creates a lively environment, even in a virtual class. When the students use that data and make interpretations, they use maths. Soon when they realise this, they start liking maths.

The students of Grade 6 CBSE started school this June. As a part of the bridge course, they explored space and identified mathematical aspects. They presented their experience and dreams in the form of models and presentations. It was a wonderful experience which gave students the joy of exploring, experimenting and cherishing their dreams.