Everyday teachers dress up, wear beautiful smiles and carry the confidence to start their journey of teaching and learning with students in The Gaudium School which we call it as 27 acres of Joy. The moments of spending time with geckos right from boarding the bus until we reach the classroom has always been spectacular. As the news of lockdown was announced the entire team of Gaudium was prepared for shifting the classroom from physical to virtual. The journey was not easy for any of us but it was not impractical.

The teachers underwent many different Virtual Trainings, attended various webinars for the smooth functioning of the classes. The Google classroom platform was introduced so that our geckos don’t miss out with conceptual understanding of any topics. The classrooms were made interesting through various quiz platforms like  Kahoot,Quizizz,Classmarker,Google forms and many more. To promote inquiry the Google Meet was used and also teachers got the opportunity to answer all kinds of doubts. For subjects like maths and science, teachers used online tools like Jamboard,3D Paint and GeoGebra to solve equations and explain each step to the child. For exploring various content the resources like Khan Academy are used. Also CSFirst,Code.org,Grasshopper.app,Lightbots.com and blockly games were used to make coding interesting for kids.

This journey will continue with the hope that we will not compromise with teaching-learning experiences and encourage productivity.The classroom has been recreated,a community is being strengthened and teaching learning goes-on.

By: Susmitha Mukherjee, HOD Computer Science