The most beautiful experience a teacher can get is happiness on their students’ faces. One such experience was seen in the exciting journey of the online student-led conference (SLC). The enthusiasm shown by our MYP students to strive and steer through to touch the higher learning standards is commendable.

The most exhilarating part of the MYP teaching journey is the SLC. SLC has three main elements- the student’s voice, choice and ownership. Students’ choice is not just limited to picking up a task but owning the whole learning process. SLC helps students to project their strengths and learn from their weaknesses. SLC is a great learning experience for MYP teachers too. At The Gaudium School, for the first time, online SLC was conducted successfully in two segments. In the first segment, students shared assessment data about their learning with their parents, supported with a portfolio of achievement. In the second segment, students worked with the various subject group teachers and applied their disciplinary learning in finding the interdisciplinary connections in real-life situations.

For Integrated sciences and PHE, students worked collaboratively to explore the redefined meaning of health and well-being in the changing environment. Students’ inquiry and research were based on understanding the factors which contribute to one’s physical, mental and social well-being. In integrated sciences, students worked on three main areas- the first exploration was based on choosing the right food and making healthy plates. The second research was based on finding the benefits of colourful food. The students inquired on the importance of colourful food in maintaining a healthy body. They found that colourful fruits and veggies can bring colours of health, longevity, immunity and mental well-being in our lives. The third analysis was on the changed food choices and their consequences.

In PHE students understood the significant role of physical activities and meditation in calming the mind and uplifting the moods. Students tried various fitness routines including indoor and outdoor games, Tabata, cardio, strength & conditioning exercises as stress busters. They collated their learning and found that good food and regular exercising leads to a healthy body and happy mind in turn leading to well-balanced social life.

SLC gave opportunities for our students to stop, think and do minor changes in their routines to be healthy and fit. This changed mindset about leading a well-balanced lifestyle can create a chain of positivity and transformation in our society. A society led by healthy individuals. A society full of happy minds A society moving towards sustainable living. A society working towards big changes and sparkling futures!