The foundations of empathy (being able to feel ‘for’ others) and friendship (being able to relate well with others) begin at birth through a child’s first relationship with their primary parent.
Four-year-olds want to play with other children a lot of the time. Preschoolers are able to think about other children’s feelings and are learning the qualities and skills of being a good friend taking turns, including other children’s ideas in play, doing what other children want to, sharing their toys, understanding how other children may be feeling, using words to describe their feelings and thoughts, playing group games, , acting out family or superheroes with friends and copying the behaviour of the adults they know.

Being the UOI topic “Relationship”  the kids are getting to know about different relationships around them. To allow the Geckos of PP1 explore new friends, they were divided into pairs and were permitted to spend quality time with their new friends and explore about their friends likes and dislikes . Later on they shared the same with the class.

Children developed the skills of self-control, consideration, communication, helping, prediction, thinking, and empathy. Being able to take turns with others is key for children’s social development.
Learning outcome: Kids underdstood the importance of friends & friendship in our life. They learnt to respect and consider their friend’s likes and dislikes.

Facilitators: PP1 Home Room Teachers

Some highlights: