The Gaudium School’s IBDP Year 1 students conducted their TOK exhibition on Saturday, 2 March 2024. It was a significant milestone in their academic journey as this exhibition is a pivotal component of the Theory of Knowledge course.

It was meticulously prepared through a scaffolded process where students individually curated exhibitions featuring three objects or images of objects related to one of the 35 “IA prompts” from the TOK Guide. Under careful guidance, students were able to select objects, on which they crafted detailed commentaries, and ensured that uniqueness was retained in their choices to avoid any overlap.

The culmination of this preparation was a captivating presentation before the school community, showcasing the students’ ability to step out of their comfort zones and present confidently to an unfamiliar audience. Through this process, students successfully honed their IB learner profile attributes, embodying qualities such as inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk-takers, and reflective individuals.

The exhibition not only provided a platform for students to apply TOK concepts to real-world scenarios, but also helped to foster a deeper understanding of knowledge and its implications while nurturing a diverse range of IB learner profile attributes essential for holistic development.