Every year, International Mother Language Day is observed on February 21. The theme for this year’s International Mother Language Day was – Multilingual education – a pillar of intergenerational learning. Multilingual education is very important in multilingual and multicultural societies such as India.  Such societies possess a wealth of traditional knowledge and culture, well harnessed through their native languages.

Our PYP students celebrated International Mother Language Day on 21st February 2024. We had our learning community interacting in 20 different mother language groups. They recited and listened to stories, rhymes, and songs in their home languages.  The groups explored and learned alphabets, unique words, and traditional wisdom, leveraging a plethora of resources such as books, videos, flashcards, presentations, etc.  The importance of cultural and linguistic diversity was emphasized through these activities. They made a point of self-introduction in their mother language to inculcate a sense of belonging and pride in the linguistic diversity of the nation. It was indeed an enriching and unique experience for the learning community.