Leadership isn’t a gift or a trait that only a selected few of us possess, however, it is an important quality present in every successful individual but is it everything? In every aspect of life, we can see the demand for leadership, be it a school project, within a community or even in a workplace. The world looks towards leaders as a source of inspiration and empowerment. Leaders are looked up as mentors and guides who can guide their team towards a set vision and are expected to help individuals in the team to achieve their set goals.

A school is a place where the student’s intellectual well-being is strengthened. At TGS, we see a wide range of personalities and diverse qualities in our students and staff and challenge them to move beyond their current scope which is one of the important qualities of being a leader. I have interacted with many students on different occasions, they might not have every single leadership quality, however, they are confident and successful in their own unique domains where they are passionate about. They are a bunch of athletes, artists, creative individuals who come up with some of the most brilliant ideas I have ever heard. Then there are another group of students who are compassionate and always there for others, doing whatever they can to help. They are always open to learning more and have a sense of boldness in recognizing that they don’t have all answers, nor do we expect to. They open their door to acquiring new understanding, try new things, accept failures and treat them as a stepping stone by enjoying the learning experience.

Through our core values and Global Leadership of Happy minds model, we believe in creating leaders who are looked upon for whatever strength they possess. Every single student in our school has their own set of unique qualities and honing these qualities will be our prime responsibility which will enable them to be successful future leaders. It is not necessary to adapt to what others dictate, so if our students are creative, caring, artists or athletic they will stay the way they want to be. We will not let them feel pressured by society to adapt to something else just because others say so.

People recognize us as a school that provides students with a holistic development in the field of Academic, Sports, and Arts. We will encourage our students to be self, own every inch which will lead them towards creating their own success. We will motivate our students to bring their thoughts to the forefront of their mind though our mindfulness and well-being program. They will accept their thoughts as reality and practice the phenomena of training their mind at adapting such thoughts.

As mentioned by Bill Gates, leaders will be the ones who empower others. We will provide our students with a platform where they will empower themselves instilling a sense of utmost pride, responsibility and accountability. They will also get a myriad of avenues to empower others with the acquired eminence of distinctive oneness and will create a bonding with others through an invisible thread. This will certainly play a significant role in moulding effective leadership skills and creating successful leaders of tomorrow.

By: Bindiya Jena, MYP Coordinator