As teachers have stepped up during these times of the pandemic where teaching has gone digital, for a Physical Education teacher too, it is the time to have new strategies when it comes to online teaching and keep the learners motivated, active and fit!

Initially, we too thought it would be difficult, but as the journey started, new doors of learning and teaching opened up.  As a PYP Physical Education teacher, I have applied many new strategies in our virtual classes so that our students are engaged, interested and fit. From workout plans to having fun, reflecting and using hand puppet, these innovations and strategies have helped the geckos to foster interest in the class.

Some of the workouts that we do are from and we keep modifying them for our students. A few extra challenges are also added to make it fun for the students to try. It not only helps the students to always learn something new, it adds the much-needed variation that makes it more challenging and fun to do. Moreover, in the process, it helps them develop self-efficacy, confidence and physical strength.

Our purpose during the classes is to ‘Have Fun’, ‘Learn’ and’ Connect with each other’. We use animated images in PPTs and use different fitness cartoon images. Those characters represented us and throughout the classes, we came up with different stories that showed our transformation from a thin child to a fit child. is an amazing site that can be explored by all. The strategy of using this helped us during the discussions and reflections. The students eagerly waited for their turn as the wheel rotated. They listened to their peers’ viewpoints and also developed their communication skills.

Another innovation used in class is ‘Mr. Socky’! Mr Socky is a hand puppet used to break the monotony of the class. The puppet takes the place as the teacher hides and changes the voice. Mr Socky was introduced as a member of the class who always comes in and asks about the Learner Profile and ATLs demonstrated and displayed during the class.


Some highlights: