Celebrating festivals in schools is a fun-filled way to teach students about our traditions. Such celebrations implant in students great pride and respect for our traditions and culture. Each festival has a story to tell – victory of good over evil or benevolence over cruelty; when these stories get recounted during these celebrations of festivals, students get to learn and absorb the significance of them. The result is – they assimilate the values and morals to become kind and generous human beings who respect our culture and everyone around them.

The Gaudium celebrate all festivals at its campuses.  The recent one was Janmashtmi celebrations on 23 August 2019. Janmashtmi is celebrated in India to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna . At The Gaudium, the IB PYP Early-years celebrated this day. All the geckos came to school in traditional dresses. The boys were dressed up as little ‘Kanhas” and the girls as beautiful ‘Radhas’.  They danced to the tunes of traditional songs and presented a beautiful dance depicting the naughty behaviour of Lord Krishna in his childhood. A ‘Dahi Handi’ event was also organized which showcased many mischievous ‘Bal Gopals’ trying to hit the Handi.

The geckos learned the moral Lord Krishna’s story that ‘always good wins over evil’.The event concluded as the geckos shared the sweets, they brought from their home and thus once again upholding the importance of “sharing is caring”.

Some pictures: